Website Development: Digital Agency vs Freelancer | Go2designlab

Here you are thinking of having a website for your business. For many years you’ve put it on the side of having an online presence due to several reasons, “but not this year” you said to yourself, “this year I will try to be competitive and I am determined that my brand should be seen by my prospective customers”.

The first step is to find a reputable web developers in your area. You searched online and the result astounded you, for there were a lot of website designer, developers out there. You’ve checked them one at a time and found out that some carries a company name (digital web agency) and some run their own enterprise that carries their personal names (freelancer).

Second step is to find a website developer who can offer you the lowest price to build your website. As a business man your self, the urge to save in any way you can is always important, “website is website” you said, “all the website do is to inform their customers about their product or service”, and you followed it with, “better get the one that can offer me the cheapest price”. So, you’ve decided to go for the freelancers for they could do the same job but cheaper than the established digital web agencies.

Later on, you’ve noticed that the timeline for the project was never being followed, and sometimes some part of the project were being outsourced to another party, probably a local or to another country where the labor is cheaper.

At last, your patience were rewarded, your website might got delayed for several weeks, but it all matters not, for your website is now live.

You’ve enjoyed having a website for your business but the time to edit, change, delete, or add something like a plug-in came upon you and you’ve tried to contact the person that made your website, the one person who know the ins-and-out of it, but your freelance web developer cannot be found and it’s either his number is not in service, he went to work abroad, he’s busy with school, or he’s now a full time employee and does not have time anymore to help you with your website.

Lesson learned; encountered this type of problem many times and we are glad that these customers came to us for help. We can explain what’s going on and to give them their options. The services of an established digital agency might be pricey compared to a freelance web developer but the assurance that whenever there is a problem with their website that the digital web agency will be there, and its technical support will not waiver and it will not be a concern for our clients. If a problem occurs, the freelance web developer is by himself but the digital agency web developer can muster the whole team to look at the issue and can fix it immediately. This is the one thing we assure our clients, the after sales support. Go2designlab will always be there for our clients, compromising nothing and providing the same quality services as long as our clients need it.