SEO Services Frequently Asked Questions

What is an SEO?

The website optimization in a search engine website like Google, Yahoo, Bing, it is a series of process in making sure that a website can be seen when a prospective client is looking for a type of service or product and ranking in Google search engine with companies that has a similar services or products to sell. It's main purpose is for a search engine when asked to find something that your website is selling or providing a similar service is to find your website, and secondly, for your website to rank due to relevance.

How Does an SEO work?

A website optimization works when a website ranks, crawled and indexed in a search engine website. The search engine determines the relevance of each website and it's popularity determined by the search engine's algorithm with different variables. Google's algorithm might be different with the other search engines like Yahoo and Bing.

How much does an SEO cost?

The optimization of a website is very important to our clients who wanted to be competitive against other companies who have similar services or products to sell in their targeted location, the optimization of a website needs to have a dedicated team to come out with a plan and strategy with a collaboration of the owner of the website to see that correct information and contents will be used to come out in the rankings of any Search Engine websites.
Go2DesignLab have different SEO packages (retainer) that allows our client to plan their budget for a certain amount of time and our lowest priced package start at 10,000php ($200.00) per month.

Do I need different SEO for different search engines?

No, we optimized our client's website to be searched on different search engine websites. Although different websites have different algorithms, our optimization depends on the right content for each website and optimization compliance for each page, links, and articles.

Is search engine optimization a one-time deal?

It shouldn't be, especially when you have a competitor that is using an SEO service continuously, remember that you are fighting for the coveted ranking position, and your website will drop in ranking if you stop it from being optimized.

Can I do SEO myself?

Yes, as long that you have a knowledge to edit your website, some knowledge in coding program will not hurt too. Creating the right content will go a long way in optimizing a website, and creating an active social media, enticing articles can make a website relevant.

Does good content equal high rankings in Google?

High ranking comes in a process, and having a good content is one of the mainstays in getting a high ranking in Google.

Should I hire an SEO company that guarantees first place rankings?

Google said: "beware of any companies that guarantee that your website can rank no.1 in Google search engine". No company can guarantee a no.1 ranking because a search engine algorithm needed to find and crawl your website based on it’s contents and probably the competition is also been doing an S.E.O. services, and it all depends on the right content and how active and relevant is your website.

How long does it take to see results from SEO?

Doing an organic search based on a content alone will take some time, Google algorithm will need to find your website and it needs to be done regularly especially if your website category has a lot of similar companies and websites in the same location and if they are also doing the optimization.

What's the best articles length for SEO?

500 words article is sufficient enough as long that it contains the right content and keywords that describe your website and it's products or services.

How often should I publish content on my website?

Depends on how active is ones website, one article per week is sufficient.

Can ads affect SEO?

No, an Ad placement secure a website on top every time someone searched for a service or a product. An SEO is an answer to someones question looking for a product or a service that your website is trying to render. SEO service will be more affordable than to pay for an Ad space and the benefits of an SEO service is long term.

What is backlink?

A webpage that is link to another page is called a Backlink. It is an incoming link to your webpage, it might be a link from a business directory where your website is listed and someone can find your website through that directory or maybe your website link was posted in an article of a social media page and because of that the readers wanted to see your website.

How many backlinks do I need?

The more backlinks that can lead a visitor to a website tends to rank higher in Google.

Can social media help me with SEO?

Having a popular social media profile cannot influenced the optimization of a website. But having many subscriber on your social media account that can be lead to your website can help with the activity of your website.

How should I structure my content for SEO?

Write quality content based on what is your website is about, do you sell a service or a product or just an information about a person or a company. Write a content based on the service or the product, and talk about the benefits and and it's uses, information that a client can read and share to more readers because they think it is useful.

How do I find the best keywords for my business?

Google algorithm was changed to not look for a single keyword but the keyword contained in a statement and that statement can become a quality content. The right keywords will come from the type of business your website is based on, what does it do, what is it use for are just an examples.